Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Office Chair Q & A: Ergonomics and You

Office chairs aren't the stone-age pieces of equipment they once were - and we couldn't be happier! Today, advancements in ergonomics and technology have produced chairs capable of keeping us comfortable, supported, and healthy. However, advanced tech often calls for advanced knowledge of how to work it. Ergonomic chairs nowadays are precision instruments. For anyone who's ever been confused by all the controls, switches, and features on their office chair, today's article is for you!

Q: What Is Lumbar Support?

A: The "lumbar" refers to the abdominal portion of the body's torso, but in today's terminology, "lumbar" more often alludes to the lower back located behind the abdominal region more than anything else. This part of the body has a lot of responsibility holding up the rest of you, and sometimes taking all that weight can cause pain. In the office, slouching, lifting, and unnatural seating positions can force the spine out of it's natural S-shape causing pain too.

The goal of ergonomic chairs for back pain relief is to provide plenty of lumbar support to keep the spine's shape as much as possible. These chairs will offer "lumbar supports" in the form of built-in or inflatable cushions, a sliding back support, or an attachable device to encourage proper back health.

Q: What Chair Back Height Is Right For Me?

A: The best way to determine the chair height right for you is to stand up straight directly in front of your chair. Ideally, the highest point of the chair's seat should rest just below your kneecap; if it isn't adjust the height accordingly.

Next, sit down in the chair. If your feet can remain comfortably flat on the floor, and you can fit your fist between the back of your calves and the edge of your seat, then your chair height and seat depth are just right!

Finally, to determine if the chair's back height is correct, sit down in the chair and make sure the bulgier curve of the backrest (the lumbar support) fits comfortably with your body's lumbar region - like a puzzle piece. Sitting up straight, bend your arms at 90 degrees to properly adjust the armrests, and voila! Your chair's height and back are perfectly adjusted!

Q: What Is A Pneumatic Cylinder?

A: The pneumatic cylinder is simply the mechanism that determines the chair's height. It's what makes the chair go up and down, adjusting total chair height rather than just chair back height.  On most models, the pneumatic cylinder also acts as the support structure of the chair. Height is usually adjusted by a lever or knob on the side, just under the seat. Some brands like Global Total Office chairs offer patented comfort features, such as a Soft Descent™pneumatic lift for fluid height transitions.

Q: Are Adjustable Arms Important? 

A: Believe it or not, armrests are pretty controversial in the office chair world. In the past, doctors and chair experts did not usually recommend them. Too often, armrests would get in the way, keeping users from getting close enough to their desks to work. This resulted in slouching, which resulted in back pain, which resulted in the great office chair armrest controversy. Alternatively, some users find the support of armrests invaluable in the office, especially if they type using ergonomic keyboard platforms for health purposes. When armrests are adjusted to keep the elbows at 90 degree angles, blood flow to the wrists and hands is healthier, reducing joint pain. For those that can't decide, we recommend picking up a chair with removable arms - there are plenty of options out there!

Q: What Angle Should I Be Sitting At?

A: Many office chair users don't even consider chair angle adjustments, but if your chair offers this feature, we suggest taking advantage of it! Try to consider your office layout, work habits, and seating preferences before adjusting the seat tilt. Some folks like seats to tilt slightly forward for easier access to a workstation and smoother blood flow between the legs and the rest of the body. Folks with back pain often like luxury ergonomic chairs with seats that tilt backwards, in a more reclined position, so the chair's backrest can take some of the weight off the spine.

Q: Are All Office Chairs Ergonomic?

A: No. There are many affordable ergonomic chairs for sale out there, but not all chairs are ergonomic. Some users trick themselves into thinking a chair is ergonomic with advertisements of "passive ergonomic comfort," meaning the chair is formed like an ergonomic model, but likely lacks the adjustability or features of a true ergonomic chair. Other task chairs for office use may look ergonomic on the surface, but in reality, they could lack adjustable features as well.

We recommend shopping from a reputable office furniture dealer, and always looking at product descriptions to see what features the chair actually offers. Many dealers will have an "ergonomic chair" page filled with nothing but the real thing. If you find a product you want with no description, don't rule it out. Call the dealer instead for more info. They're usually happy to help, and you may win yourself a great deal in the process!

Q: How Much Does An Ergonomic Chair Cost, and What Are the Best Brands?

A: There is a good ergonomic chair out there for every budget! Brands like Flash Furniture offers ergo chairs as low as $70! Most users shop between $200 and $400 for their office chairs, and this is the average range. Chairs with these prices offer excellent ergo features, such as lumbar support, spring tilt mechanisms, tilt locks, adjustable arms, adjustable height - the works. All the best brands will have chairs in the average price range. Global Total Office, Boss, Eurotech, Woodstock Marketing, Offices To Go, and OFM are the favorites, offering perfect comfort at the perfect price!

Anything over $600 leans more towards the expensive price range, but the chairs are superbly crafted and extremely comfortable. RFM Preferred Seating chairs and some Eurotech chairs will offer models in this range with comfort features targeted for specific health concerns. This drives up the value, but most users are very happy with their chairs, especially if they suffer from chronic pain at work.

We hope we've answered some of your most pressing office chair concerns. If you have any other questions you'd like answered, leave them in the comments below and don't be afraid to call a reputable office furniture dealer with any concerns you may have. Most are extremely knowledgable, and will jump at the chance to give you the best deal on a great chair! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Relieve Back Pain with A Global Metrus Series Office Chair

Metrus ChairGlobal Total Office Metrus series office chairs provide excellent ergonomic benefits that will help to relieve back pain in the workplace, along with a luxurious look that's sure to impress. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at the Metrus line and review it's user friendly benefits. Enjoy!

Metrus Chair BackHandsome from every angle, Metrus is a highly styled executive and managerial seating series designed by Zooey Chu. Metrus chairs are designed around three basic principles; style, adjustability, and comfort. Aesthetic features include cast aluminum loop arms with self skinned urethane arm caps along with a deeply sculptured seat and back.

Metrus Chair ArmsThe curvature of the Metrus back provides a form fitting sit that helps to promote good posture in the workplace. Additionally, all Metrus office chair models come standard with an adjustable lumbar support that can be increased and reduced to meet any users specific seating preferences. This sophisticated feature will immediately help to reduce back pain and fatigue.

Metrus Chair HeadrestMetrus ergonomic chairs are available in executive high back and traditional high back styles. The executive high back model features an adjustable headrest that's very user friendly. The traditional high back model lacks the headrest, but offers all the same ergo benefits you'll come to love from the Metrus collection. The addition of the headrest makes the executive high back Metrus chair a bit more expensive, but we feel it's worth the extra investment. Executive high back models like the 4516-3 offer a more upscale look for luxury work environments.

Like with all Global Total Office chairs, the Metrus collection is available in a choice of fabric, leather, and vinyl upholstery options to meet any users decor needs. An optional black frame finish is available, but the polished aluminum is the way to go, it just seems to pop in the office!

It's easy to see the modern ergonomic influences incorporated into the Metrus chair line. Those who have the privileged of sitting in a Metrus chair will never settle for less.

Ergonomic Benefits Include:

Tilt Tension Adjustment
Chair Tilt Lock
Seat Height
Seat Depth
Forward Seat Angle
Waterfall Seat Edge
Contoured Cushions
Center Tilt Movement

Overall, the Metrus chair line is hard to beat. Global and Zooey working together have truly created one of the most comfortable and luxurious seating solutions available on the market today. The ergonomic features and form fitting design of the Metrus collection will improve back support while helping any user operate efficiently, effectively, and productively throughout the work day.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall 2014: Top Office Furniture Brands

There's no denying that 2014 has been an exciting year for the office furniture industry. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, Cherryman Industries and more have introduced a variety of awesome new products that are sure to take your business decor and performance to the next level. In today's article, we'll highlight 5 of the hottest brands to watch this fall. Enjoy!

1.) Global Total Office

Global Total Office

Always ahead of the curve, Global Total Office is widely recognized as an industry leader in the furniture and seating game. This world renowned brand is steadily introducing innovative new office chairs, desks, and modular workplace solutions that are often imitated, but never duplicated! With hot new chair lines like Spree, G20, and Vion, Global is ready to meet the modern needs of the ergonomic business man. In addition to seating, Global has boosted their incredibly successful Zira casegoods line by adding stunning new reception desks and boardroom tables available with out of this world power features. Kick your workplace up a notch with Global Total Office this fall!

2.) Offices To Go

Offices To Go

You can't mention Global without highlighting their sibling company Offices To Go. For shoppers looking for office solutions in a Flash, Offices To Go has you covered. With trend setting new ergonomic office chairs and a ton of new desking solutions, OTG is poised to be an industry leader this fall. Their superior laminate casegoods collection has been recently expanded to include an espresso finish options that is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after in the market. With popular new task chairs like the 11960B, meeting your adjustment preferences and comfort demands is easier than ever. Look for Offices To Go to step out of the Global shadow and into a spotlight of it's own this fall.

3.) Mayline


With hot new lines like Cohere, Medina, and e5, Mayline is poised to be a big winner this fall. In addition to the 3 awesome furniture lines mentioned, Mayline has some really exciting chair releases that are just around the corner. From attractive new tablet arm chairs to the new Gist series mesh seating collections, Mayline is doing it all... and very well! In 2013, there TransAction conference table and desking line reigned supreme, and this year we are expecting even more.

4.) OFM, Inc.

We absolutely love the awesome new products from OFM, Inc. and you will too! Hot new lounge collections like UNO and Distinct have made an instant impression on the office design world. In addition to seating, OFM has improved their Marque reception station line with the addition of ADA sections for handicapped and wheelchair guests. OFM has also added some really neat retro inspired tables from their Endure series that feature industrial hand crank bases, with a a choice of top shape, size, and finish. Needless to say, the Fall season is going to be a big one for OFM!

5.) Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Industries

Cherryman Industries is a long time favorite of interior designers and industry professionals alike. With 5 best selling office furniture collections on the market, word on the street is that this top brand is going for even more. With the recent release of the new iDesk seating series and cool chairs like the Oroblanco and Ambarella, we simply can't wait to see what's next. This year they've already improved the Amber and Jade collections by adding new finish options, handle pulls, and even 2 person reception desks like the AM-403N. Keep it up Cherryman!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What's New: Global Spree Chairs

Hey smarty pants, looking for a chair as smart as you are? Well, this is the right place. The office world is abuzz with excitement surrounding the newest office chair from Global Total Office. Not only is this seat comfortable and versatile, but being from Global, it features high end ergonomic features and a freeing design. Today's article is all about the new Spree chair series from Global. Enjoy!

Style and Versatility

The perfect blend of modern and futuristic, Spree chairs have a look that's definitely meant to last the ages. Not only do they feature a swath of customizable design options, but the overall shape and appeal of this chair can look amazing anywhere in the office. Offered with a wide array of colors and accents, these colorful chairs for office use ail brighten up conference rooms, reception desks, executive offices, and even affordable home office furniture, giving everything a dash of style.

Unique Design

Global Total Office is a brand that's known for its high end ergonomic design. As the culmination of years of study and experience crafting top of the line ergo chairs, it's no surprise that Global Spree Chairs have spectacular ergonomic features. However, it's the overall shape of these chairs that's got everyone talking. Where other chairs boast the conventional square back shape, Spree chairs boast a unique back design that prevents restriction to the upper body. This way, users can receive support, and still move freely to reach everything at desks with modular design, without limits. Talk about freedom!

Comfort and Features

Don't worry. A cool back design isn't all that Spree chairs offer. Not by a long shot! Actually, Global Spree chairs are some of the most highly ergonomic chairs for discount prices you will find anywhere. In addition to the unique back, Spree chairs also offer lumbar support. A specialized seat structure, designed to flex, suspend, and slide with the user, helps ensure long-lasting comfort. Of course, tilt tension, and a Soft Descent pneumatic lift also accompany design features on Spree chairs.

* If all this hasn't wowed you yet, perhaps this list of Spree features will:

- Specifically designed backs to free the upper body of restriction, allowing greater movement and versatility
- Lumbar wraps around user's waist for added security and support
- Seat slides and reclines as the user does for seamless tilt action
- Seat flexes, suspends, and slides with the user for all-day comfort
- Rotating arms, up to 30 degrees
- Armrests recline with chair back
- Side activated tilt tension adjustment feature
- High quality Soft Descent pneumatic lift by Global
- Dual wheel carpet casters


If you're worried this chair is out of your budget range, think again! For all these incredible features, components, and customizable options, Global Spree chairs still remain around the average price range for a quality ergonomic chair! The 6040 Global Spree mesh chair is the most affordable option, while the 6041 Spree vinyl ergonomic chair comes in a close second. Competing models with similar price tags do not even compete with these stunning office chairs. Whether you want leather, mesh, or vinyl seating for your office, Spree chairs can accommodate your needs without costing a fortune. They are an incredible deal that should never be passed up!


Without a doubt, this series has earned it's five stars. Despite being the new kid on the block, Global Spree Chairs have managed to wow users in all office environments, from the conference room, to the home office. They offer incredible ergonomic design, customizable features, and an amazingly affordable price compared with competitors. Wherever you sit in the office, don't miss out on this great new deal from Global. Free up your office with Global Spree chairs!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Boost Your Boardroom: Mayline Napoli Tables

Mayline Napoli Series
The Mayline Napoli collection offers a wide range of desks, reception stations, and high quality office storage solutions for professional business use. In addition to these versatile products, the outstanding boardroom tables available from the Napoli line have truly taken it to the upper echelon of the office world. In today's post we'll highlight the features and benefits of Napoli boardroom tables that are sure to give any boardroom a major boost in style and functionality!


Napoli boardroom tables offer the perfect combination of modern and traditional appeal for professional meeting areas. Napoli tables blend wood veneer surfaces with metal accent panels to form a truly unique look that's sure to impress. If you're going for a well rounded look that appeals to a wide range of office guests, Napoli is sure to be an excellent choice for your space.


Tables from the Mayline Napoli Collection are available in 3 attractive finish combinations. The most popular, Sierra Cherry offers an elegant look that's quite impressive in boardroom settings. The Golden Cherry finish is a lighter tone that provides an open feel and at home look. Last but not least, the Mahogany wood veneer finish is the darkest of the 3 options. The deep and rich wood grain pattern looks luxurious in the workplace and is trending in 2014.


The Napoli boardroom table collection is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space. A 48" round table and 6' boat shaped table are available for smaller meeting areas. In addition to these smaller options, 10', 12', and 14' options can be used for businesses looking to accommodate larger areas. Still not big enough? No need to worry! Mayline is now offering Napoli tables in lengths up to 30', now that's customer friendly!


These days it's all about power in the boardroom. That being said, Mayline is now offering Napoli tables with optional power modules to enhance your meeting area performance. These factory installed units feature (2) 3 prong outlets and (2) phone style inputs that mount directly into the tables surface grommets. Simply run your external wires to an outlet and you'll be ready to plug right in to your table. Standard 8' tables can be outfitted with (2) modules while larger tables can utilize more if needed.


Napoli series boardroom tables are surprisingly affordable when compared to other top lines. The small 48" round table is available for only $669.99 while larger tables like the 10' model are also budget friendly at only $1418.99. If you'd like to add a power port, the additional charge is around $200 per unit. Needless to say, these tables are an excellent value and you'll be receiving a lot for the money! In the long run, Napoli conference tables are hard to beat in every category. It's no wonder why Mayline has had such great success with this line!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Use Sleek Chairs to Save Space In Your Conference Room

There's more to sleek style than just eye-catching appeal. In places tight on square footage, all those thin lines can save a ton of space, allowing business owners to seat more guests than they could with the conventional bulk chairs of the past. For those of you out there seeking cool conference chairs that can fit into a smaller office or conference room, you're in the right place! In today's article, we'll be highlighting our favorite sleek, space saving office chairs for conference room use. Enjoy!

BT-9826 series by FlashThe first model on our list comes from a brand that's known for it's great deals! Compared to competing brands, Flash Furniture still reigns supreme in terms of affordable price tags. However, that's not all this brand is good for. With space saving mid back chairs like the BT-9826 series of small conference chairs, Flash can save you both space and money. BT-9826 chairs are offered in both high and mid back designs for convenience. Colors include black, white, brown, and tan to better match decor. With cool contemporary design and skinny curves to save room, they make the perfect addition to any desk or conference table!
Venice chair by Ergo Contract Furniture
For a skinny, small conference chair with ergonomic benefits, look no further than the EH3280A2 Venice chair by Ergo Contract Furniture for your office. This stylish little number features a ribbed styling, flashing chrome accents, and plenty of attributes to keep guests comfortable through those long meetings. Two paddles, knee tilt, tension tilt control, multi tilt locks, pneumatic height adjustment, and padded foam seats cater to users. The skinny style will saves space just as surely as it draws admiring eyes!

GO-1297M Designer Chair by FlashWant the designer look without the designer price? That's exactly what you'll get with this next chair by the famous Flash Furniture brand. The GO-1297M designer office chair by Flash offers a unique styling to catch attention. Available in two colors, both come with a subtle, diamond stitching offers a little extra elegance to any desk or conference table around. A molded foam seat, built in lumbar support, locking knee tilt, and pneumatic height adjustment all cater to the individual comfort needs needs of your guests. For those that want their office to stand out, cool leather conference chairs like this one are certainly the way to do it!

Europa Eurotech
The next chair on our list is an interior designers dream. For anyone that wants to unite the whole office under one attractive look, the Europa series by Eurotech is here! This line of streamlined office chairs not only saves space in the conference room. With guest chairs and desk chairs in tow, designers can outfit the whole office in one uniform style. Models like the LE811 black leather executive chair are great for use at desks and conference tables. Keep guests comfortable in the waiting room with the matching LE833 leather guest chair and your office is golden (well, chrome at least)!

Finally, we leave you with the stunning leather 11730 models from Offices To Go to make your conference room shine. Not only will the streamlined elegance of these chairs reel in tons of compliments from visitors; with ergonomic benefits like pneumatic seat height, removable arms, and tilt tension adjustment, you'll feel like you just caught the catch of the day! These stellar little office chairs make the perfect addition to existing conference tables and furniture decor. Available in black or white, the ribbed styling and chrome accents provide the perfect frame to showcase the contemporary style in any office. Best of all, the price won't leave anyone squirming.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bargain Shopper: Cool Modern Computer Desks Under $300

In the world of office supplies, desks can be one of the most expensive things to seek out. But never fear! In today's article, we're highlighting our favorite modern computer desks for under $300. Enjoy these comfortable, supportive computer workstations in dorms, bedrooms, as well as home and business offices. Dripping with contemporary appeal, these babies are the perfect thing to zest up any boring interior space. Enjoy!

Mayline Medina 63 inch Gray Steel Credenza
The first desk on our list is something of a new kid on the block, but already, it's become all the rage these days! The Mayline brand is known for producing quality modern furniture, but their new Medina furniture collection definitely takes the cake. This collection boasts desks at staggeringly affordable prices. Even their beautiful credenza desks, like the MNCNZ63LGS Medina Gray Steel Desk, will hardly ever run you over $200. Users can enjoy this particular model in two fitting sizes, with their pick of either a mocha, gray steel, or mahogany finish. It's a simple, supportive design that never disappoints.

OFM Black Metal Computer Desk
Want a stylish table that's built to last anything? Don't be afraid to check out the OFM-55103-Graphite Laminate Desk for your workspace. This sturdy black metal computer desk offers an incredibly strong design for users that don't want to bother themselves with tons of directions. OFM's "quick connect" assembly feature requires no tools, so users can save time and effort on the install. A self edge banding and scratch resistant finish protect the table from dings and scuffs throughout the years. Maximize work potential in your office with a strong desk that won't cost a fortune.
Vision Home Computer Desk with Glass Inserts
Speaking of stunning desks that won't break your bank, why not check out this vision? Really, the 972 Vision Computer Desk by Mayline definitely offers more than an affordable price. With sleek curves and a gorgeous smoked glass insert, this desk is the perfect style option for dorms, bedrooms, and home offices alike. A sliding keyboard tray and accessory shelf provide utilitarian features that will always find a place in the office. Enjoy it today for under $200!
Calico Designs Glass Computer Desk
Another pretty glass home office desk that's sure to draw attention is the Calico Designs  48" glass computer desk. A tempered glass structure is framed by hardwood accents for a classic look that never fails to wow visitors. Mesh sides provide a modest touch that breathes, so users don't feel crowded or uncomfortable. Best of all, Calico Designs furniture even offers a whole set of matching tables and accessories to outfit the whole office in affordable style.

Flash Retro Modern Computer Desk
Finally, we leave you with a desk from the brand that never charges too much. Brands like Flash Furniture are known for quick trends and killer deals, and their desks are no exception. For those that want a stylish flair to spice up their office, be sure to view the NAN-JN-2120-GG Retro Modern Student Desk for your workplace. This cool desk includes storage features for convenience in addition to it's vintage style. The spacious tabletop is perfect for use in dorms, bedrooms, and offices alike. The sleek chrome frame practically leaves this desk floating in the air. Enjoy it today at the famous Flash Furniture discount price!