Monday, November 23, 2015

Office Furniture Review: Mayline Sync Tables

Mayline Sync Table Review
When it comes to professional training room furniture, Mayline knows their stuff! This industry leading brand takes pride in crafting some of the most versatile table collections on the market. In today's article we'll review the Mayline Sync collection and it's user friendly benefits. Enjoy!

At first glance you'll notice the distinctive design characteristics Sync tables have to offer. These well rounded tables appeal to both modern and traditional furniture lovers alike. Sync tables boast attractive silver legs and durable laminate tops that are available in both thermally fused and high pressure options.

Mayline Training Room Furniture ReviewLooking to create a custom training table configuration for your training room? No problem! The Sync collection offers a wide range of sizes to help you meet your specific space requirements. With tables as small as 48", outfitting smaller spaces is a breeze. Those looking to sit multiple users at a single table will love the extra wide 72" models.

Traditional fixed leg training room tables will always have their place. That being said, businesses truly looking to keep their interiors on the cutting edge will no doubt want to go with mobilized solutions. Yet again, Sync tables have you covered. These mobilized tables make it easy to move tables around and reconfigure your space as needed.

Sync tables also boast flip tops that allow them to be nested along perimeter walls or down hallways to save space when not in use. The modular training room tables from this popular collection are amongst the most versatile on the market. As nobody wants to lift tables and move them every time they need to vacuum, Sync allows users to drop the top, roll away, and clean with ease. No heavy lifting necessary!

Best Selling Training Room TablesBy industry standards, Sync tables provide excellent value. Smaller units like the SY1848 Sync Table are available for as low as $289.99. Larger Sync tables like the SY2472 are only slightly more expensive at $371.99. Needless to say, this collection is fully committed to meeting your individual needs and budget.

In need of training room furniture in a hurry? You'll love the in stock status of this Mayline training room table line! The tables from the Sync collection typically ship out from the factory within 2 business days of your order. Two quick shipping finish options are available. Custom laminate finish options are available at longer lead times.

We give this best selling office training furniture collection 4 out of 5 stars. We'd like to see Mayline integrate a black leg option and some additional quick shipping finishes. Other than those two minor critiques, this lineup of tables is the best in the business. Mayline furniture is extremely well made, provides unmatched value, and will no doubt make your interiors more well rounded. Sync tables out perform the competition and we highly recommend them for both training and classroom applications. This line gets the seal of approval!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Corporate Decor: Trending Lounge and Waiting Room Collections

It's important to start forming good impressions with your valued office guests the minute they walk in the door. By creating a stylish, functional, and comfortable waiting area, you'll be doing just that! In today's post we'll highlight lounge and waiting room seating collections that will take your corporate decor to the next level. Enjoy!

OFM Uno FurnitureFirst up, the OFM Uno collection. When it comes to lounge, lobby, and waiting room furniture OFM knows their stuff. This industry leading brand crafts some of the coolest lobby chairs and accent tables on the market. Their Uno product line combines contemporary design characteristics with modular functionality. The chairs from this popular collection will no doubt make your interiors stand out from the competition.

Mayline Santa Cruz FurnitureYou simply can't go wrong with Mayline furniture and seating. This reputable brand is considered by many to be the best professional furniture manufacturer in the business. OFM has received major kudos from interior design teams and industry professionals alike for their popular Santa Cruz collection. This full service line of tablet arm lounge chairs, sofas, and settees is sure to make an impression on your guests. Santa cruz lounge furniture from Mayline is available in black and almond leather color options. Chairs can be purchased in fixed leg and mobile variations to make reconfiguring your space a breeze.

Global Total Office Citi Square CollectionWhen the average furniture and seating just won't cut it, turn to the made to order products from Global Total Office. This industry leader is always ahead of the latest design trends. While others scramble to follow their lead, they're paving the way for new and innovative seating solutions designed to kick your corporate decor into high gear. Just a few short weeks ago, Global released their ultra cool new Citi Squre collection. With the success of the original Citi collection came the demand for a more modularized product offering. Citi square allows businesses to create one of a kind, powered lounge and waiting room seating configurations available in a limitless array of textile options.

Flash Furniture FusionYou don't have to spend a small fortune to create a great welcoming area for your office guests! Brands like Flash Furniture make it easy and affordable to create unique interiors that will earn your business the positive compliments it deserves. Trending new lounge seating collections like Fusion boast leather seating surfaces and exposed metal trim. Fusion series furniture from Flash can be purchased individually or in attractive sets to keep the design process simple. The 3 piece Fusion set is available this month for just $1478.99. Now that's value!

Lesro Amherst FurnitureGoing for the perfect blend of modern and traditional appeal? Check out the Lesro Industries Savoy furniture collection. This line of bench seating, guest chairs, sofas, and accent tables does it all. Savoy products combine wood and upholstered seating surfaces that will make any waiting area pop. This reputable line has been a favorite of businesses for years and shows no signs of a popularity drop. Savoy products tend to be trending year after year because of their well rounded good looks, versatility, and respectable price point.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Office Touch Ups: Ergonomic Edition

Looking to take your office comfort and productivity to the next level? You're in the right place! Today we'll be highlighting the ergonomic products you'll need to kick your space into high gear. From ergonomic monitor arms to adjustable foot rests, these office touch ups don't cost a fortune but make a major difference in functionality. Enjoy!

Dual Screen Monitor Mount
First up, this dual screen monitor mount from our friends at ESI Ergonomic Solutions. The EDGE2 monitor system mounts directly to your workstation via a clamp or grommet system that are both included with the unit. This dual screen monitor arm will increase your amount of usable desk space while simultaneously reducing eye strain. At just $361.99, this office touch up is well worth the investment. Once you make the switch to a dual screen system, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayNot all keyboard trays are created equal! This year, innovative ergonomic brands like Symmetry Office have brought to market cutting edge sit to stand models that promote continuous movement in the workplace. A sit to stand keyboard tray will help you improve blood flow and reduce fatigue, all at the same time. As siting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, simply engage the standing feature and continue working without the health risks. Best selling sit to stand keyboard tray solutions like the BALANCE-3-SW from Symmetry Office are now available for just $225.99.

Ambarella Chair
So the budget is tight and current office chair isn't cutting it. What do you do? You turn to Cherryman Industries! This industry leading brand has received major kudos for their new iDesk seating collection. Highly adjustable and equally comfortable iDesk chairs like the Ambarella make it easy for budgeting shoppers to get comfortable without breaking the bank. The Ambarella chair boasts a built in guide for user comfort, as well as multi functional arms and an advanced mechanism specifically designed to simplify the "getting comfortable" process. The Ambarella is available through the end of 2015 for as low as $206.50. Lot's of cool color options are available to add a personal touch. Rest assured, this office chair provides the most bang for the buck. Chairs priced nearly 5 times as much don't provide the user friendly features that comes standard on the Ambarella!

CPU Holder
Tired of banging your knees on your computer every time you swivel in your chair? You're not alone! Thankfully there's a handy office touch up available to solve the issue. An under mount CPU holder will get your computer's power source up off the ground and out of the way! Simply mount the track under your desk, load in your CPU, and you've improved much more than leg space. A CPU holder will protect your digital files from water damage and theft, while making the wire routing process far more efficient. No more trips under the desk to plug in devices amidst a sea of candy wrappers and snack crumbs!

FR-1 Foot Rest by Symmetry OfficeNo matter how big or small, touch ups are always needed to keep us working at peak performance levels. You can't be afraid to analyze your areas of discomfort in the workplace. Take a stand and make the changes needed to be at your best. Simple ergonomic devices like this FR-1 model foot rest from Symmetry Office make a major difference in posture. As many of us sit with our legs crossed out in front of us or propped up on the office chair base when working, a foot rest provides a constant reminder that there is a better way! The FR-1 adjusts to a variety of angles to ensure a comfortable experience and supports the 5th percentile female who can't get comfortable with basic chair adjustments. The foot rest surface is covered by anti-fatigue rubber matting and provides more than ample surface space for larger users.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Enhance Your Interiors With Medina Furniture!

Are you ready to take your office interiors to a whole new level? The Mayline Medina furniture is the way to go in 2015! This cutting edge line from Mayline offers the desks, reception stations, conference room tables, and office storage solutions needed to turn your work environments into works of art. In today's post we'll take an in-depth look at the Mayline Medina furniture line and it's unique benefits. Enjoy!

Mayline Medina Desk
This year, no office desk collection has been hotter than Medina! Mayline has truly outdone themselves with this innovative line. Medina desks combine a blend of laminate surfaces with silver metal accents and attractive handle pulls. This full service desk line boasts U shaped layouts that are perfect for upper management, as well as smaller stand alone desks and corner configurations designed to maximize a variety of floor plans. If you love the modern look, choose a new executive desk from the Medina collection. You'll be glad you did!

Mayline Medina Reception FurnitureMake a lasting impression on your valued office visitors the minute they walk in the door with a medina series reception desk! A Medina reception desk from Mayline will no doubt make your interiors stand out from the competition. Medina welcome stations feature upscale glass transaction counters and just the right amount of silver metal accent trim. These versatile reception desks are available in 5 attractive finish options. Dealing with limited space? No need to worry! Medina offers both L shaped and rectangular models for shoppers to choose from. You can grow your Medina desk in the future with the addition of a non handed return to provide your receptionist with more operating space. Needless to say, there's not much you can't do with one of these trending workstations.

Medina Conference FurnitureIt's time to power up your conference room without breaking the budget! As businesses look for creative ways to streamline the meeting process, Mayline has answered the call with their Medina conference table line. The high tech modern tables from this best selling collection can be outfitted with power modules that cost just over two hundred bucks. By industry standards, this is the best buy on the market! Medina conference tables are available in multiple sizes starting at $503.99. The largest 14' variation is only $991.99 and can be equipped with multiple modules for high tech applications. Smaller meeting tables like the MNCR48 are also available to meet the needs of smaller work environments.

Mayline Storage Cabinet
Productivity and organization go hand in hand. That being said, if you want to operate at peak performance levels, you'll need the right combination of storage products in your space. Yet again, the Mayline Medina office furniture collection has your completely covered. The lateral file cabinets, wall storage cabinets, desk pedestals, and overhead hutch units available from this line are ready to work together to make your interiors nice and neat. Medina storage products are available both individually, and as part of typical packages. This means you can create a functional workspace now, and improve it easily in the future. What could be better?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Power Your Interiors With Symmetry Office!

These days it's all about powering up your office interiors! As businesses constantly strive to increase productivity and performance, brands like Symmetry Office are answering the call. Their versatile power solutions make it easy to improve functionality without purchasing all new furniture. In today's post we'll look at the cutting edge power modules available from Symmetry and their unique workplace benefits. If you want to kick your interiors into high gear, this article is definitely worth the read!

Office Power Module
Let's kick things off with the all new Voltz clamp on power module. This versatile and incredibly user friendly device will help you prevent those unnecessary trips underneath your work surface to route wires and charge devices. The standard Voltz unit comes boast 2 AC inputs and 2 USB inputs. Larger modules are available if you need them. Inside the attractive casing resides a most impressive power pack. Each USB port utilizes a circuit controller to independent ally deliver the required amperage to your devices. The Voltz clamp on module comes with a 6ft long power cord and is FCC Part 15B approved.

Isle Power Module
Take the power where you need it with the unbelievably cool Isle power tower from Symmetry Office! This portable device boasts 9 three prong outlets and 6 active USB ports. The 108" cord is more than sufficient while the attractive pyramid style design will no doubt have your valued office guests asking where you got such a unique product. The Isle is currently available for $719.99. This cutting edge power tower works great in lobby, waiting room, lounge, reception, and conference area environments.

Oasis Power ModuleSo you'd like to power up your current conference room table? No problem! While most end up purchasing a whole new table, smart shoppers turn to brands like Symmetry Office. This innovative brand takes pride in creating solutions for every workplace need. The Symmetry Oasis collection makes it easy to modify your current table. Oasis modules are completely customizable. A wide range of phone, data, AC, HDMI, and USB input options are available to make your space the best it can be. While you'll likely want to have a professional cut your boardroom table surface to ensure a quality fit, once installed the Oasis will help you streamline the meeting process!

Top Notch Power Module From Symmetry Office
Sometimes it's best to just keep it simple! The Top Notch module from Symmetry Office provides an incognito approach to powering your interiors. These little modules can be used on conference tables,  office desk configurations, and even library tables. The Top Notch will require a basis cutout. Once installation is complete, you'll be able to kick back and enjoy outlets at your finger tips. The Top Notch product family is offered in configurations including power only, as well as power and data combinations. The Top Notch 2 series boasts flip up ports which can be closed to become discretely part of the work surface. Standard module finishes include black and silver pearl.

Symmetry Office Drifter
Last but not least, we present the Symmetry Office Drifter! The Drifter is a unique power and charging hub which offers users the additional opportunity to stay connected to their devices continuously throughout the day. The Drifter's portable design lows it to be easily repositioned from one area to the next, making it ideal for an array of spaces. The Drifter is ready to rock your personal office, educational facility, hospitality environments, and along waiting room seating configuration.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Office Chair Review: Offices To Go 10904B

Offices To Go 10904B Chair Review
When it comes to affordable office chairs, Offices To Go knows their stuff! This industry leading brand provides unmatched quality and a commitment to ergonomics that's sure to be appreciated by any shopper. In today's post we'll review the popular 10904B model Offices To Go chair and it's benefits. These awesome chairs provide the visual appeal and multi functional features needed to reach peak performance levels in the workplace.

Office Chairs by Offices To GoLet's be honest. If a chair doesn't look cool, you're probably not going to consider purchasing it for your space. While comfort is certainly the most important factor to consider when shopping for a new chair, visual appeal also plays a major role. That being said, the 10904B passes the eye test. This trendy mesh back chair boasts a unique back shape, attractive T shaped arms, and an upscale polished base.

10904B - Side ViewThe 10904B chair will draw you in even at first glance. Rest assured, one of these comfortable tasking chair models from Offices To Go will help earn your space positive compliments without costing you a small fortune. Sadly, most of today's top office chairs cost thousands of dollars. It's refreshing to know that brands like Offices To Go still have our backs. Literally! The 10904B chair is available in 2015 for just $198.95. You'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck. 

Offices To Go Seating ReviewThe 10904B Offices To Go chair offers many of the same great ergonomic features found on chairs nearly 5 times the price. Standard with attributes like adjustable arms, an adjustable lumbar support, and syncro-tilt mechanism with multi position lock feature, finding your desired operating position is a breeze.

As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life space, finding a comfortable sit you can rely on day in and day out is extremely important. The 10904B fits that bill. This mesh back computer chair is supportive, versatile, and extremely well made. If you want an office chair that won't let you down, the 10904B is definitely worth a look.

This versatile office chair works great in nearly any workplace application. The polished frame and base accents make the 10904B a great option for executives on a budget. The user friendly ergonomic features make it the perfect fit for tasking and computing applications. Outfitting a new conference room on limited funds? The 10904B is the way to go. There's really nothing you can't do effectively with these chairs.
10904B Chair Rating

We give the 10904B a 4 out of 5 star rating. Other than wishing it was available in a few more color options, there's really not too much to criticize about this chair. The 10904B ships quick for shoppers in need of ergonomic comfort in a hurry. The adjustable features make it easy to find the correct sitting position and you don't have to spend hours learning how to use the chair properly. The 10904B is user friendly and ready to work. What more could you ask for?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Office Ergonomics: Fighting Discomfort

How To Fight Discomfort At WorkIt's never fun to be uncomfortable in the workplace. Sadly, too many of us just accept the discomfort and fail to reach peak performance levels. The time for change is now. No longer can we sit through our work days operating at a major disadvantage. It's time we all start fighting discomfort effectively and take control of life in the office.

Fighting discomfort starts with good habits. If you find yourself leaning forward and away from your office chair to type, kick this bad habit to the curb. Instead, keep your back in contact with the chair at all times. Doing this will help support your back far more efficiently.

Don't sit with your legs crossed out in front of your or propped up on the base of your office chair. Commit to keeping your feet flat on the ground and facing forwards at all times. If you have trouble sticking to this good habit, consider the addition of an ergonomic footrest. Brands like Symmetry Office offer affordable models that will greatly aid you in your fight against discomfort.

Are you looking down or up at your computer screen when typing? This common issue causes significant eye and neck strain. Fight discomfort effectively by raised your monitor to eye level. While an ergonomic monitor arm is the preferred solution, those looking to save a few bucks can just use a stack of books.

The ergonomic chair you select will play a major role in your overall comfort throughout the work day. Before selecting a new chair, take the time to analyze your areas of sitting discomfort. Take into account important factors that are often overlooked like the dimensions of the office chairs you're considering.

Things To Look For In An Office Chair:

  • Adjustable Arms
  • Multi Functional Mechanism
  • Lumbar Support
  • Waterfall Seat Edge
  • Well Padded Surfaces
  • Adjustable Back and Tilt Functions

Wether your chair is new or old, take the time to master it's feature. Rest assured, even the most luxurious office seating is only as good as it's owners habits. Don't be afraid to adjust the chair height, back, and arms throughout your work day. Be willing to adapt to any situation to ensure the optimal operational position.

Fatigue and comfort go hand in hand. If your tired, you're not at your best. If you're not at your best, you're uncomfortable. Fight fatigue by eliminating extended sits. About once an hour, take a short break. Stand up, stretch, and take a short walk. Adjustable height ergonomic desks are also available to help. Brands like Global Total Office and Mayline have introduced electronic desks just this year that promote continuous movement in the workplace. An adjustable ergonomic workstation will help you increase blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness, and kick fatigue in the butt!

Last but certainly not least, don't settle for a sub par keyboard tray. In years passed, basic retractable models where thought to be the bees knees. That being said, the ergonomic standard has been raised drastically in the last year alone. To type at comfortable and correct angles, you'll need an articulating tray and mechanism. Integrating an articulating keyboard tray into your workstation will revolutionize the way you compute. You'll be more comfortable, functional, and versatile in no time at all.

The fight against discomfort is never over. We have to keep evolving and striving for success. Studies have shown that placing a simple list of posture reminders by your desk will yield great results. Don't be fooled into thinking that getting comfortable has to cost a fortune. There's lots of great ways to improve your work day within arms reach. Mastering your chair, practicing good posture habits, and taking short breaks are a must. Take these points to heart. Commit to them and take control of your personal comfort.


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