Monday, August 3, 2015

Cost Analysis: Medina Executive Office Makeover

Looking to create a stylish executive workspace? Today's post is for you! Here we'll provide shoppers and readers alike with a helpful cost analysis for Medina makeover projects. This popular line of desks and workstations has been 2015's top rated collection. All Medina furniture is available in 5 finish options and works well in both home and professional business applications. Enjoy!

Mayline Office FurnitureOur first Medina executive interior features a 72" office desk with corner extensions, as well as a low wall cabinet and overhead storage hutch. Priced at just $1702.99, this configuration is truly an excellent buy. Let's take a look at the individual components!

The 72" desk features a silver modesty panel and curved extensions designed to provide additional work surface space for users. Individually, the 72" desk is available for $308.99. With both desk extensions you'll be looking at 883.99.

The low wall storage cabinet features two laminate doors and two glass doors with silver trim for modern appeal. The MVLC cabinet locks to keep important documents, presentation materials, personal belongings secure. Individually, the MVLC is priced at $438.99.

The 72" wide overhead hutch unit features silver metal accents and attractive glass doors. This non locking storage solution helps maximize office storage without taking up valuable floor space. The MNH72 model hutch is available individually for $356.99.

Medina Executive FurnitureOur next Medina furniture configuration is perfect for smaller home and executive areas. This 5 piece package is priced together at $1407.99. Showcased in the popular mocha finish option, this layout is sure to earn your space the compliments it deserves. With a 72" credenza, two file storage pedestals, overhead storage hutch, and low wall cabinet, you'll be equipped with plenty of room for organizing. Let's take a look at the individual pieces!

The MNCNZ72 Medina credenza features a 72" wide top with 20" deep work surface. This rectangular unit is perfect for along the wall and corner applications. At just $199.99, the MNCNZ72 is yet another great buy from the Medina collection.

Located underneath the credenza, you'll notice two box box file pedestals. These mobilized storage solutions can be rolled out when needed and tucked away cleanly when not. BBF style Medina pedestals are available for $202.99 each and make a welcoming addition to any space.

We're then greeted again by the 72" storage hutch utilized in our first configuration, as well as the MVLC model low wall cabinet.

Medina Office FurnitureLast but not least, our final Medina Interior includes 4 total pieces and is available for just $999.99. Rest assured you'll be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck! This layout includes a 72" executive desk, as well as a two drawer lateral file cabinet and two quarter round bookcases. If you're looking to impress on a budget, this set is the way to go!

The 72" desk is the same model used in our first configuration and is available for $308.99 in your choice of five finish options. If you're looking to save a buck, a 66" variation is also available at a slight price reduction.

The file cabinet pictured in our final Medina interior boasts a two drawer design and locks to keep important documents safe. The MVLF model cabinet is priced at $384.99.

The MVLF model lateral file cabinet is complimented by two quarter round bookcases available for $99.99 each. MVBQ model cabinets can be used directly next to each other for a unique look, or along side Medina cabinets as pictured. These handy little storage solutions from Mayline add to aesthetic appeal for a minimal investment.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Awesome Computer Chairs for Your Back

Operating with back pain at the office is never fun. Working in pain will no doubt limit your productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. So what can we do to fight back? Get a high quality computer chair with excellent ergonomic features! In today's post we'll highlight 5 awesome seating solutions specifically designed to provide top notch back support. Enjoy!

Eurotech Seating Tetra Computer ChairFirst up, the Tetra chair from Eurotech Seating. At just $177.50, the Tetra is the most affordable computer chair highlighted in today's post. That being said, it's still one of the most comfortable! With it's naturally pronounced lumbar area, you'll be sitting more effectively without changing a single adjustment. The Tetra comes standard with additional features that include tilt tension control, tilt lock, syncro tilt, seat height adjustment, and waterfall seat edge to help you take your work day to the next level. Take a seat in the Tetra just once and you'll be hooked. Your back will thank you every day you sit in this superior office chair!

Woodstock Creedence ChairNext up, the ultra comfortable Creedence chair from Woodstock Marketing. Available in a variety of cool color combinations, the Creedence is ready to make your office interior look great while simultaneously improving your operational effectiveness. The Creedence boasts a 250 pound weight capacity, weight activated seat mechanism, multi positional tilt lock, and much more. Priced at $329.00, these computer chairs are a great buy.

Ergo Contract Furniture Layover ChairIt's hard to top the new Layover chair from Ergo Contract Furniture! These high tech ergonomic seating solutions are cutting edge in every way. Whether you're looking to impress office guests, get comfortable when working, or save a buck on your new chair, the Layover is ready and willing to help. Available in a bunch of swanky mesh colors, You'll have no problem matching a Layover chair to your space. At just $267.99, you'll be surprised to find that the Layover computer chair comes standard with a 2 to 1 syncro tilt mechanism, button controlled adjustments, thick molded foam seat, and much more. If you find the average ergonomic chair a bit confusing to operate correctly, the Layover is the only way to go. These chairs are amongst the most user friendly options on the market in 2015.

Avenger 812-LX
Often big and tall operators are left with limited seating options for their needs. Thankfully, brands like OFM, Inc. offers awesome chairs like the 812-LX model from the super popular Avenger collection. If you're looking for a heavy duty big and tall chair that's ready to accommodate up to 400 pounds, look great, and keep you well supported, the 812-LX is just for you. With it's extra wide design, heavily padded seating surfaces, and attention to detail, the Avenger 812-LX is the complete package. In terms of aesthetic value, the Avenger will wow you with it's diamond stitched back, elegant headrest, dark brown upholstery, and champagne frame finish. Elegant in every way, the Avenger is no doubt one of the absolute best big and tall chairs for your back.

6041 Spree Chair
Last but certainly not least, the 6041 Spree chair from Global Total Office. At first glance you'll notice the unique curvature of the back. While this certainly adds to wow factor, the intention is to provide users with plenty of space to operate without feeling constricted. The Spree's lumbar area wraps around the users waist to provide a secure feeling and excellent support for the back. The chair seat slides to the rear and reclines while tilting to provide smooth motions and limited stiffness. The 6041 Spree chair comes standard with a side activated tilt tension adjustment feature. Simply rotate the knob through 5 clicks to locate your desired working tension. In addition, Spree chairs are equipped with Global's high quality soft decent pneumatic lift. This feature will gently and slowly lower your chair making it easy to find the perfect sitting position, without straining the back with jolty movements in the process!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Seating Showcase: Ergonomic Drafting Chairs from Global Total Office

Known for their innovative designs and commitment to ergonomics, Global Total Office is one of the absolute best seating providers in the business. Their top quality drafting chairs are a favorite of industry professionals and consumers alike. In today's post we'll showcase 5 of Global's to selling models. Enjoy!

Minotaur Task StoolFirst up the 9663-52 Minotaur task stool with easy to clean polypropylene seating surfaces! This heavy duty drafting chair offers a polished base and foot ring, along with an armless design to provide users with a bit more elbow room. The 9663-52 is a great option for architects and artists alike. That being said, this versatile stool can also be used effectively in healthcare environments and classrooms. Priced at $524.99, the Minotaur is a great buy and far superior to nearly all competing models on the market. The industrial look is complimented by an integrated back handle, contoured back, and non slip surfaces. If you're looking for a high quality drafting chair, the Minotaur is the way to go!

Aspen Drafting ChairNext up, the Aspen 2858-6 drafting chair with ribbed upholstery. This trendy drafting chair is affordably priced at $455.99 and boasts a slew of high quality ergonomic features. The 2858-6 comes standard with a multi functional mechanism and adjustable foot ring. What makes the Aspen seating line unique is the form fitting back profile, the result of years of extensive testing to determine the optimal support for the widest possible range of users and body types. The Aspen chair back can also be quickly and easily adjusted in height to provide full lumbar contact. Aspen not only fits at the beginning of your work day, but at the end when you need support the most. In addition to it's cutting edge back and frame features, the 2858-6 also comes standard with adjustable arms that are incredibly user friendly. Choose from a wide variety of designer fabric and leather upholstery options to compliment your interiors.

Vion Drafting Chair
Third on our list of best selling drafting chairs from Global Total Office is the 6328-6 model from the all new Vion seating collection. As one of 2015's most popular chair lines, Vion combines modern appeal with cutting edge ergonomic features designed for the ultimate sitting experience. The 6328-6 Vion drafting chair comes standard with a wide range of attributes that include adjustable arms and an adjustable foot ring. These customizable chairs can be spec'd in a wide range of mesh back color options as well as seat color options and base finishes. At just $338.99, you'll be hard pressed to get more bang for your buck. Rest assured, this is one of the best and most reliable new drafting chairs for sale on the market.

Granada Drafting Chair
Simple, affordable, and comfortable are the best three words to describe the 3278 model Granada drafting stool from Global Total Office. A long time favorite of professional architects, the Granada is built for high end performance in the workplace. With it's armless design, elbow room is never a problem. The black nylon base is scratch resistant and very durable. The Granada's foot ring adjusts quickly via a user friendly tension knob. The chair seat is heavily padded and will have you sitting pretty in no time. All Granada seating from Global can be ordered in designer fabric, vinyl, and leather upholstery options to meet your specific decor needs.

Supra Drafting ChairLast but certainly not least, the 5338-6 Supra drafting chair. This adjustable drafting chair with multi functional arms is ready for intensive use work environments. The Supra has a lot to offer for both artists and architects alike. With standard features like an impact resistant outer back shell that will protect the Supra incase of a fall, and an adjustable lumbar support, the Supra offers durability and an unmatched  commitment to comfort. The 5338-6 Supra drafting chair is available in 2015 for as low as $438.99 in your choice of grade four fabric upholstery options. Additional leather and vinyl grades are available at a slight price increase. As an added bonus, matching Supra series side and guest chairs are available to further compliment your professional interiors.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

7 Major Risks of NOT Going Ergo

Pain In The Workplace
You've heard about the benefits of going ergo, but are you truly committed? You should be! Not utilizing the ergonomic tools available on the market in 2015 can cause major discomfort and even serious health risks. In today's post we'll take a look at 7 of those key risks and how to avoid them. Enjoy!

1.) Poor Blood Flow

It might not sound like that big of a deal, but reduced and restricted blood flow can be a real productivity killer. Poor blood flow can cause tightness in joints and muscles. It can also cause cramps if you sit for long periods of time each day. If these symptoms sound like common problems you're dealing with, you may consider upgrading to an ergonomic office chair with a waterfall seat edge. This will help to take pressure off your knees and keep you operating efficiently.

2.) Fatigue

Another key productivity killer! If you're commonly tired, stressed, and worn out during your work day, the odds are you're not operating a peak performance levels. Fatigue can be combatted successfully by getting a good nights rest, eating healthy, and committing to good ergonomic practices. Organize your workstation effectively to minimize strain and body movements. For example, you don't want to walk across the room every 10 minutes to access important files. Keep those essential documents close by. While it's important to stretch and stand up every hour, it's not productive to do so every few minutes. A well organized workstation and ergonomic tools like a monitor arm, keyboard tray, and CPU holder will help you conquer fatigue at work for good.

3.) Back Pain

It's never fun to work with a back ache! This common problem is typically caused by poor posture and improper support in the workplace. Take the time to adjust your chair for each task you intend to tackle. Make sure you keep your back in contact with your seating surfaces at all time. Keep your feet planted flat on the floor when computing and avoid hunching over your workstation at all costs. If these tips aren't helping the problem, consider looking for an office chair with more support. The office chairs from Eurotech Seating and Global Total Office will certainly do the trick! Many of their top models offer adjustable lumbar supports and plenty of user friendly features to keep you well supported in the workplace.

4.) Neck Pain

Neck still while working at your desk? You're not alone! Luckily, this common workplace epidemic can be eliminated with the help of ergonomics. Typically caused from looking down at your computer screen when typing, the first thing you'll want to do is get your monitor up to eye level. You can pick up a good monitor arm that will make this task a breeze, or if you're limited on funds, a stack of books will do in a pinch! Taller individuals may find their office chair is the culprit behind the neck pain. If you're over 6' tall, a high back office chair is the only way to go. Most of the popular high back office chairs on the market come standard with adjustable headrests intended to provide you with excellent support and reduce neck pain.

5.) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CPS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most commonly reported workplace issues. For this reasons, top ergonomic product providers like ESI, Symmetry Office, and Systematix have introduced articulating keyboard trays to solve the problem. Needless to say, if you're stilling typing away with your computer tray situated on your desk surface, it's time for a change! An articulating keyboard will help you operate at the correct typing angle and take pressure of your wrists. A good ergonomic keyboard tray is the absolute best way to fight back against CPS at work.

6.) Eye Strain

Here's a fact you may already know, computer screens are bad on eyes! If you find yourself rubbing your eyes and fighting headaches when working, the odds are you're dealing with some avoidable strain. First and foremost, look away from your computer screen regularly throughout the workday to let your eyes properly adjust. If you want to further fight this risk, incorporate an articulating ergonomic monitor arm into your space. The ability to move your screen closer or further away with ease is major benefit in the workplace.

7.) Knee Pain

If you sit for long periods of time at your desk and then stand up abruptly, the chances are you're feeling it in your knees! Going ergo can help you eliminate this major problem. First and foremost, commit to the good habit of computing with your feet flat on the ground. Avoid crossing those legs and using the base of your office chair as a foot rest. They make ergonomic foot rests for just that reason! The risk of knee pain in the workplace can also be combatted by properly aligning your office chair and workstation. Raise your chair to a level in which you can compute with your feet on the ground. Next, adjust the back angle to ensure you sit at a posture perfect angle. In the long run, ergonomic tools like your keyboard tray, chair, and foot rest will all work together to help you fight this problem. You can also consider upgrading to an adjustable height workstation that will promote continuous movement in the workplace and simultaneously improve blood flow. When you avoid sitting for long periods of time, good things can happen! Take the pressure of those knees by committing to good ergonomic habits and a solid workplace structure.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Deal Finder: 5 Luxury Office Furniture Sets Under $1999.99

Looking to outfit your office space with luxurious furniture on a budget? You're in the right place! Here we'll showcase best selling office furniture sets for executive applications from brands like Mayline, Cherryman Industries, and more. These high end configurations are all available in 2015 for under $1999.99.

Set 1: Medina

Mayline Medina Office Furniture

At $1702.99, this custom Mayline Medina furniture set falls well under the allotted shopping budget for today's post. With it's gray steel woodgrain finish, metal modesty panel, and glass doors, this set has a little something for everyone. Mayline Medina furniture has been the big winner of 2015. Additional finish options have just been released that include textured sea salt and textured brown sugar.

Set 2: Amber

AM-405N Desk

The Cherryman Industries Amber office furniture collection offers high quality desks and workstations that any budget will appreciate. Even as Cherryman's most budget friendly line, Amber is not left lacking. This full service collection includes stunning U shaped layouts like the AM-405N available in 5 finish options for just $1830.00. Now that's value!

Set 3: Superior Laminate

Offices To Go Furniture

Going for that classic look? Check out this SL-H configuration from Offices To Go. With it's rich dark cherry laminate finish, this upscale workstation is sure to impress even the harshest critics. The SL-H even includes a 42" round meeting table for added versatility. This professional layout is available in 2015 for just $1611.99. This leaves plenty of funds left over for shoppers to select an awesome office chair to compliment their space.

Set 4: Zira

Zira Desk Configuration

While there are many awesome Zira office furniture sets available for under $1999.99, this ones our favorite! With it's "P" shaped island desk, substantial return, and personal storage tower, this configuration has it all. Choose from a variety of attractive handle pull options and finishes at no additional charge. As one of 2015's most popular furniture lines, you can't go wrong with Zira!

Set 5: Venice

OFM Venice Desk Layout

Wow factor and then some! This OFM Venice series executive office furniture set is available in two finish options for just $1899.99. This custom configuration includes a 72" wide front desk with matching 47.25" return and stunning executive wall cabinet. If you're looking to earn your workspace the compliments it deserves, look no further than this OFM desk set!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Success At Work: Planning Makes Perfect!

A well planned work week will set you up for success. From getting good rest to staying well organized, planning plays a key role in improving productivity and effectiveness in the office. In today's post we'll highlight 5 great ways to plan properly. Enjoy!

1.) Plan Rest

Don't stay up all night watching movies and eating junk food. This bad habit is a recipe for an unsuccessful work day. Instead, plan a good sleep schedule that ensures you receive your full 8 hours. Leave the late nights for the weekend! Go to bed early enough that you wake up feeling refreshed instead of slow and groggy. In the long run, a solid work week starts with a good nights rest!

2.) Plan Breakfast

Plan for Success at Work
Most of us skip breakfast because of common excuses like "I'm in too much of a hurry". That being said, if you make breakfast part of your weekly plan, you'll be healthier and more productive for it. The key is to get your metabolism working and your body energized. Even a piece of fruit, multi grain bar, or bowl of cereal will get the job done. If you're too busy to eat at home, make sure you give yourself 15 minutes in the morning to get something in your tummy. Eating breakfast will help wake you up, and provide you with a solid foundation for your work day. Plan for breakfast each week. You'll be glad you did!

3.) Plan Daily Goals

While you're at your desk enjoying your morning breakfast, take the time to write down a list of goals for your day. Next to each goal, write an estimated time of completion. Your goals can be anything form responding to emails, preparing for a presentation, and making sales calls. As simple as your goals may be, planning them out on paper will help you stay on task throughout the day. Don't fly through your workday with no plan. This is sure hinder your effectiveness. As you cross your daily goals off the list, you'll no doubt enjoy little boosts of motivation.

4.) Plan Lunch

If you fail to plan lunch properly, you'll likely find yourself in line at a fast food restaurant ordering the dreaded bacon cheeseburger and french fries. Take the time to plan out your meals each week. If eating healthy is a chore for you, make Friday a cheat day and treat yourself for being good all week. On Sunday night, sit down and come up with ideas for what to eat for lunch. Literally, millions of ideas are available online for easy lunches that won't leave you wanting to take a nap in your office chair when you're finished eating them! If you don't like bringing your lunch to work, you'll likely be visiting a local restaurant. Check out their menu before arriving and make a selection in advance. This will help you avoid making an impulsive food choice with little to no nutritional benefits!

5.) Plan To Organize

If you want to operate a peak performance levels, you'll need to allot a little time each day for organizing. If you clear the days post it notes off your desk and reorganize your file cabinet at the end of each day, you'll be set up for success the following morning. Creating an organizational plan for your workspace is really quite simple. Make a little checklist of tasks to complete before rushing out of the office. Tasks may include taking out the trash, cleaning off your desk surface, reorganizing files, and logging out of password protected accounts on your computer for security. Go down the list and check them off each day. Avoid leaving the office and remembering you forgot to send an important email once your halfway home. This will leave you feeling anxious and stressed out until the next morning. They say, a little organization goes a long way. And we couldn't agree more!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Office Seating Trends: Sleek Chairs Are In!

We know. Trying to keep up with the hottest style trends is a hassle, especially in business. But thankfully, you have us! If you're looking for the next best thing to furnish your office with, sleek chairs are definitely in. Their streamlined designs and classy appeal will not only save space, but look good doing it. Here's just a few of our favorite streamlined office chairs!

There are many who quickly take their office from drab to fab with Cherryman Industries furniture and office products, but their new line of iDesk chairs is truly something to behold, and with the Curva series, your office will definitely stand out! Designed by a team of Milan architects, these chairs blend stunning looks into a fabulous design. In addition to the modern mesh upholstery, Curva chairs also boast a vast array of benefits, from ergonomics to eco-friendly building practices. Finally, Cherryman fans will have stylish seating to accompany the brand's top quality executive desks and tables!

Speaking of quality, we have to mention Flash Furniture's 9826H series in our list of streamlined favorites. Offered in the user's choice of four colors, Flash chairs always allow versatile design for a very affordable price! Not only that, but chairs like the 9826H ribbed leather conference chair boast a wide array of ergonomic features. Built in lumbar support, dual-paddle control, a locking knee-tilt mechanism, and pneumatic height adjustment all combine to give users a chair worth every penny. Flash's patented LeatherSoft upholstery, fire-retardant foam, molded seats, and a coat rack are just icing on the cake!

Next on our list, we're proud to present the Joplin series by Woodstock Marketing. A favorite of interior designers, Woodstock chairs are named after music stars, and pop up in some of the most trendy of places - even TV show sets! But TV stars aren't the only ones who deserve quality style. With the Joplin series, you can bring the spotlight to your office! Chairs like the Joplin-MB-JR gray leather chair come in both high back and mid back designs for convenience. Colors vary from black to brown, to tan to white, so finding something that fits your office's unique style is a cinch!

For those seeking a smooth look to go with their streamlined design, never overlook the Cannes EH2200A2 edition from Ergo Contract Furniture. This brand is well known for providing quality for a convenient price, and the Cannes series is no different. Available in both a high back and mid back sizing, these chairs are extremely versatile. Add them to your conference room, office desk, training area, or to any reception furniture set for a look that won't disappoint. However, the ergonomic features and velvety mesh upholstery may earn your office a host of compliments!

Need a chair as versatile as your workplace? Never settle for less than the Valore series by Mayline! This line of streamlined chairs offers a variety of styles and designs to fit into every room, from the executive office to the conference hall! Those seeking a more traditional office chair might choose the TSH3 adjustable task chair, and furnish the rest of the office with Valore nesting and guest chairs. The result will be a uniform office appeal that never disappoints!