Friday, May 22, 2015

What's New? Modern Computer Desks From Flash Furniture!

If you're looking to create a modern home office space or dorm room, you'll love the all new modern computer desks from Flash Furniture! These personal workstations offer high end appeal at a budget friendly price point that's sure to be appreciated by any shopper. In today's post we'll showcase 5 of Flash Furniture's newest desks. Enjoy!

Small Glass Computer DeskFirst up, this NAN-WK-021-MAH-GG model glass computer desk with three drawer pedestal and powder coated frame. Priced at just $207.99, you really can't beat these small computer desks from Flash! The attention to detail can be easily see in the silver handle pulls, while the locking pedestal is ready to keep your important documents safe and well organized.

Mahogany Home Office Desk
Next up, the NAN-WK-008-GG. This mahogany computer desk offers the perfect blend of modern and traditional style characteristics. The integrated desk pedestal features 3 drawers and an open storage slot. The legs feature unique circular cutouts designed to enhance appeal. A retractable keyboard tray is also included to increase usable work surface space. In a package priced at just $169.99, this desk offers a lot to like for a minimal investment.

Black Glass Computer Desk
How about a modern computer desk outfitted with a retractable keyboard platform and a CPU holder for just $159.99? We thought you'd like this one! NAN-WK-059-GG computer desk features a blend of black glass and metal tones to create a super cool modern desk that's sure to impress. With all the awesome features typically expected in desks three times the price, the NAN-WK-059-GG is truly an excellent buy.

Retro Computer Desk
The NAN-WK-025-GG has become an instant consumer favorite. These wood laminate and glass computer desks have been selling like hot cakes in 2015. As the retro industrial furniture movement gains momentum, trending desks like this NAN-WK-025-GG are poised for success. With heavy duty powder coated steel legs and cherry accents, this desk is perfect for the home office or modern dorm room. For just $139.99, the NAN-WK-025-GG desk can be yours. Did we mention it also includes a mobile CPU cart? What a bargain!

Teakwood Computer Desk
Last but certainly not least, the NAN-WK-109-GG was a must include for today's post. As one of Flash's coolest new desks, this personal station boasts a swanky looks that's far less pricey than it's $135.99 price tag would indicate! If you've gotta little extra square footage, this L shaped corner desk is perfect for you. With it's teakwood finished laminate top and black metal frame, the NAN-WK-025-GG offers quality construction and a unique look that's sure to help you showcase your individual work style. The retractable keyboard tray provides a handy ergonomic tool that can be mounted on the 31.5" or the 43.25" desk sections. A 33.25" corner extension is also included to create a total operating width of 87". If you're not familiar with office furniture, that's a lot of space for less than a hundred and fifty bucks!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rate The Space: Sorrento Executive Office by Mayline

Mayline Sorrento Office FurnitureThe Mayline Sorrento furniture collection is a popular option for both home and professional business applications. This wood veneer furniture collection offers the perfect blend of high end appeal and quality craftsmanship. In today's post we'll be reviewing an executive office inerior outfitted with Sorrento furniture. Enjoy!

Style: 4/5 Stars

We give this Sorrento executive office interior 4 out of 5 stars. This space features wood veneer desking that falls in line with traditional design trends. Is you're going for a luxurious look, this layout will certainly do the trick. While modern furniture has certainly been the craze in 2015, this Sorrento configuration shows that classic work spaces will always have their place.

Applications: 4/5 Stars

It's easy to picture this desk configuration in both home and professional work environments. With it's high end finishes and attention to detail, this Sorrento furniture set is the perfect option for executives and upper management types. The upscale nature of this configuration limits the application possibilities a bit. However, this furniture set is clearly designed to impress and works best in larger office spaces.

Quality: 5/5 Stars

You'll be hard pressed to find a better all around furniture collection. Mayline Sorrento executive desks feature solid wood surfaces that can be spec'd in elegant two tone finish options. It's hard to fully appreciate the craftsmanship of the Sorrento collection without seeing it up close. That being said, the front desk captures all the elegant features this line has to offer. Bird's eye inlay patterns, a bow front design, and classic edges make for the foundation of a truly high end space that's deserving of daily compliments.

Storage: 5/5 Stars

This desk package includes a 72" double pedestal desk along with a matching rear wall credenza with  file file style pedestals. The overhead hutch unit offers plenty of additional storage space to keep important documents secure. To take this configuration over the top, a side wall storage cabinet was added that offers a ton of extra surface space to display achievements, and locking doors to hold stationary and personal belongings.

Price: 3/5

Mayline Sorrento furniture doesn't come cheap! This interior will cost you just under six thousand dollars without the chair. While more affordable Sorrento desk layouts are available, this elegant setup is not doable for the average consumer. That being said, those who can swing it with the budget will be rewarded with truly elegant furniture that's ready to step up the credibility of any interior.

Final Grade: 21/25 Stars

This configuration earns a final grade of 21 out of 25 stars. The layout offers plenty of storage space, high end construction, and an elegant look that' sure to impress even the harshest critics. The Sorrento configuration is a bit expensive for the average consumer, but for CEO's and successful business owners going for a traditional look, Sorrento is a must consider.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Furniture 101: Understanding Desk Shapes

In the office furniture world, you'll hear terminology that you'll wan't to understand when shopping! When it comes to desks, terms like bow front, straight front, L shaped, and many more are thrown out that might catch you off guard. In today's post we'll highlight the various desk terms you'll need to know before starting your makeover and design project. Enjoy!

1.) Bow Front

Bow Front Desk

Bow front office desks feature a curved front design to provide upscale appeal. Commonly, bow front desks are used in executive work environments. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries all offer popular office desk collections that include bow front models.

2.) Straight Front

Straight Front Desk

Straight front desks offer a rectangular shape. While a bow front desk features a curved front, a classic straight front desk with offer no curve. Straight front desks work great along walls and in corner applications.

3.) L Shaped

L Shaped Desk

L shaped desks feature a two piece design. The main desk will be a bow front or straight front work surface is most cases. This main desk section is complimented by a left hand or right hand return piece to provide additional work surface space. L shaped desks are popular for executive office, home, and corner office applications.

4.) Executive

Executive Desk

Used in upscale office applications, executive office desks provide high end appeal. In most cases executive office desks will feature a main workstation with a rear credenza and accenting storage furniture. Executive desks are typically sold in typicals (preconfigured sets) designed by the manufacturer.

5.) Corner

corner desk

You've probably already figured this one out! Corner office desks are used to maximize space in smaller office environments. Corner desks can feature a V shaped or L shaped design. If you're limited on square footage, consider a corner desk for your work space.

6.) Computer

Computer Desk

Computer desks are typically smaller, personal style desks that can be purchased for around $250 on average. Glass computer desks, wood computer desks, and metal computer desks are all quite popular. In most cases you won't see computer desks used in professional business applications because they lack the storage space needed to be effective in intensive use work environments. That being said, computer desks are ideal for dorm room, student, and home office needs.

7.) Writing

Writing Desk

Writing desks look like 4 legged tables. This style of desk is seeing a reemergence of popularity in 2015. As more and more individuals are turning to laptops for their daily computing, writing style desks offer a less bulky look that can be easily integrated into both home and professional work environments. Writing desks are also commonly referred to as table desks. Brands like Cherryman Industries and Mayline offer the top models on the market.

8.) U Shaped

U Shaped Desk

Used commonly in home and executive office environments, U shaped desks typically feature a straight front or bow front design that's complimented by a credenza and connecting bridge. Many of the top U shaped desks will include an overhead storage hutch unit for enhanced appeal and additional storage space.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Living the Ergo Life: 10 Tips for Success At Work

Office aches, distractions, inefficiency - these days it seems like the whole world is trying to throw a wrench in your working game. But hey, if you're going to be spending half your week at the office, you might as well make yourself comfortable! In today's article, were sharing our top ten tips for keeping yourself healthy, physically, mentally, and efficiently. Enjoy!


Knowing the major causes of office head-trauma can help you avoid this pain at work. If headaches are common for you, remember to stay hydrated (headaches are most commonly caused by dehydration). If that's not it, check your eyes. People who stare at computers all day tend to develop computer-related eye strain, which can tire the eyes and lead to headaches. To combat this, periodically focus your eyes on something far away for 15 seconds, then go back to work. And finally, for those with neck pain, make sure your computer screen's position is properly adjusted in front of your face, so that you're not looking off to the side and throwing of your body's muscular structure. Head rests and computer monitor arms are ideal neck-savers at the office.


Upper back pain can also be caused by a misplaced computer screen. When people are constantly turning to view something that isn't directly in front of them, their body adjusts itself to their viewing habits, throwing off muscular structure and leading to terrible pain. Monitor arms are a good solution. However, if you know your computer is properly positioned, consider your sitting habits. Slouching is terrible for the back and shoulders, yet far too many office professionals do it. Add office chairs with lumbar support, or even a few luxury and massage chairs to encourage better seating habits. Tie your shoulders to your chair back if you have to - it's better than slouching!

Knees and Toes

Most office professionals tend to think that if they're sitting all day, knee pain couldn't possibly be an issue. Wrong! Knee and foot pain are actually two of the most common office pains around. Chairs that are too high (often trying to compensate for a tall desk) often leaves the user's feet dangling in midair, putting you and gravity on opposing sides. Your knees try to keep your legs attached to your body but gravity pulls the weight of your legs down, causing tremendous pressure to build up, and blocking blood flow. Properly adjusted workstations and chairs can fix the issue, and so can ergonomic seating with waterfall seats to gently support the knees. You've done the job right if your knees, buttocks, and elbows are bent at right angles, and your feet are flat on the floor.

Get Up, Stand Up

One popular trend for combatting office pain is by simply standing up! Ergonomic experts tend to agree that the human body was much better designed for standing than sitting, so office desks that accommodate both lifestyles make ideal work tools. Adding ergonomic sit to stand desks is one of the most healthful decisions an office can make for employees, as standing helps to prevent slouching and much of the office-related pains associated with sitting. However, too much standing can be harmful too. Without periodic seated breaks, legs can tire and blood flow becomes inhibited. If you use a standing desk, take breaks, and invest in good shoes and cushioned floor pads.

Take Breaks

If you're a standing desk user, you know the importance of seated breaks. Not only do these breaks help rest your legs, but they also improve blood flow. But even for those who don't use standing desks, breaks are still important. Taking the opportunity to get up and take a short walk around the office, or a quick stroll on your lunch break can provide vital respites to reenergize you for the rest of the day. Stretch breaks and deskercises are something you can do right in your cubicle to help improve focus and reduce discomfort. Making an effort to stay active, even at a sedentary desk job, does wonders for the mind and body!

Eat Right

The right diet can make all the difference in anyone's workday. Some foods even have the power to grant better brain power, more focus, or more energy at the office. For brainpower, tomatoes, walnuts, whole grains, fish, and blueberries are powerful food choices. For energy, avocados, bananas, a nice spinach salad, almonds, watermelon, and citrus are highly effective energizers, loaded with vitamins and electrolytes. However, one simple fix if you're feeling a little wilted is water. Like a plant, your body needs water to stay fresh, perky, and awake. Squeeze a little citrus in there for a double whammy. Your body will thank you for it!

Get Comfortable

A comfortable environment is another thing that's often taken for granted in the workplace. If you're feeling a little tired and lifeless, perhaps its because the cubicles and workstations around you feel the exact same way. Take a friday afternoon to decorate your cubicle (appropriately) with the things you like. Pictures from home, art from the kids, famous paintings, and printouts of scenic vistas are great ways to enliven your office and make it comfortable for you. These inspiring windows to the outside world can help keep you going. A pair of headphones for some light music and a blanket if your office is drafty are other ways to stay physically comfortable in an otherwise boring workroom.

Stay Clean

You know what they say about cleanliness! And believe us - it's something that cannot be looked over in an office. According to a UK study in 2008, computer keyboards are often five times dirtier than an average toilet seat! All those greasy fingers and falling food from lunch breaks gathers between the keys if you don't employ retractable keyboard trays to reduce the mess. Take the opportunity at the end of every work day to clean and wipe down your cubicle. The items that need the most attention are usually keyboards, pens, drawer handles, and the computer. Yes, the computer needs cleaning too. Once a month, make sure to delete old files, clear caches, and run anti-virus scans to improve productivity. Finally, do some periodic maintenance on your office hardware, tightening screws on the desk and chair, and oiling hinges. All this extra effort will ensure the continuous health and functionality of you and your workplace!

* Bonus Tip: Turning off your computer at night not only saves power, but it also gives your computer the opportunity to rest and reboot. Like a human brain, computers need their rest in order to function fast and at full capacity the next day!

Arms, Wrists, and Hands

One body part that's often neglected by office users are the arms, which is especially strange since most office workers use them for everything. Being neglectful of one's arms and the way they are used though can have drastic consequences. Arthritis, poor blood flow, weakness, musculo-skeletal disorders, and even carpal tunnel syndrome can all develop from unhealthful arm use. Ideally, the elbow should be kept at right angles, with hands and wrists parallel to the forearms. Working and typing this way will help to improve blood flow. This way, the arms don't endure unnecessary stress.

* Bonus Tip: Repetition is another killer that takes a big toll on the muscles. Periodically take the opportunity to stretch, not just your arms and hands, but the whole body. This varies up your movement and helps keep muscles limber and wide awake!

And I'm Feeling Good!

Working in an office can be tough stuff for the mind as well as the body. When at work, fortify your upbeat attitude all day long. Listen to good music on the way to work. Eat an energizing breakfast, with filling snacks throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Take short, frequent stretch breaks to stay active. And keep yourself going with funny quotes and videos to view during break times. Happiness is not something that just happens - it takes effort. After all, if you're at work for eight hours per day, you might as well enjoy it!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Look At The New iDesk Tikal Seating Collection by Cherryman

Cherryman Industries Tikal Seating
Just two short weeks ago, Cherryman Industries introduced the all new iDesk Tikal seating collection. This line of reception area guest chairs and bar stools offers unmatched versatility and modern appeal. In today's post we'll showcase the new Tikal line and it's workplace benefits. Enjoy!


Tikal seating offers distinctive design characteristics that are sure to make an impression on your office visitors. The curvaceous seat is available in polypropylene and fully upholstered variations to compliment polished metal bases. If you're looking to create a unique waiting area that sets your business interior apart from the competition, Tikal guest chairs are definitely worth a look!


The Tikal guest chair is available in a choice of 3 base styles. The sled base Tikal chair offers the ability to be ganged together for group seating applications, making it the ideal option for waiting areas. The spider base Tikal guest chair offers a unique look that makes it a great choice for school and classroom applications. The four leg Tikal chair offers stacking capabilities that are sure to save your business valuable floor space. Last but not least, the Tikal series bar stool is perfect for break room, cafeteria, bistro, and cafe applications.


Fully upholstered Tikal chairs are available in cranberry red, dark pewter, and moss color options. If you're looking to keep things simple, the dark pewter offers a neutral look that's easy to match accent furnishings to. The cranberry red and moss color options are a bit more trendy and great for showcasing a bit of individual style! The polypropylene Tikal chairs are available in 5 color options that include traffic red, lime green, traffic white, London gray, and traffic black.


Fully upholstered Tikal seating is great for lounge, lobby, reception, and waiting room use. Polypropylene Tikal chairs are easy to clean. This makes them a premier option for healthcare environments, libraries, and educational facilities where spills and germs are common. Tikal bar stools look great in restaurants as well as cafeterias. The unique modern appeal of this new collection from Cherryman is sure to earn any area the compliments it deserves!


Tikal chairs are available in packs of four for added value. Sled base and 4 leg Tikal chairs are available for $470.00 for the polypropylene version and $686.00 for fully upholstered version. The Spider base Tikal chair is a bit more pricey at $496.00 for the polypropylene and $712.00 for the upholstered. Tiakl bar stools are sold in packs of two. The polypropylene stools are $425.00 and the fully upholstered stools are $473.00.

Final Thoughts:

We feel the Tikal seating collection is poised for success. With cool color combinations and options these chairs are completely customizable. Wether you're looking to create simple and effective waiting areas or out of this world seating configurations, Tikal is ready to answer the call. We give this collection 4 out of 5 stars.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Moving To A New Office? Here's 7 Hacks to Make Things Simple!

Establishing a new headquarters for your business is an exciting prospect, but moving? Now that's a pain. However, there are plenty of excellent moving hacks exclusively for business that make the task a cinch. Enjoy today's article where we share some amazing moving hacks for anyone moving to a new office!

Know Your New Office

Knowing the layout of your new office is a major coup when trying to move. Why? Because so many people forget to come up with a basic furniture plan until the movers are asking where everything goes. Before you move, take the time to measure your current office furniture. Focus on the big pieces like large conference tables, office desks, workstations, and storage units like bookcases. Knowing the sizes of your largest furniture items will give you a better idea of what you should sell and purchase new for a better fit.

*Bonus Hack: Draw up a full, to-scale layout of the new office, making notes of windows, doors, and electrical outlets. Making to-scale cutouts of your current furniture pieces and moving them over the drawn up layout will give you a visual idea of where everything should go.

Space Prep

Anyone whose ever moved before knows the pain of realizing you forgot to do some basic preparation in the new space, like painting the kids' bedrooms. Moving to a new office is no different. Once you've figured out the layout of your new office and you have a general idea of where everything will go, go ahead and prep the space. Paint the walls to set an atmosphere in the lobby, making sure the paint color and the lounge and reception furniture are a good match. Sell old, dilapidated pieces from the old office and upgrade them with the money you make. And finally, clean up, and make sure the whole office is cleared before move-in day!

* Bonus Hack: Before moving into a rustic area, scrub the baseboards and floors with a solution of bug-killer. This kind of prep will deter office pests for years to come!

Skip the Supply Store

When it comes to hefty office supplies and furniture, typical cardboard boxes don't always hold up. You might decide to hit the supply store for a of those few flimsy paper boxes to give to employees (for cleaning out their cubicles). But when it comes to the hard-core stuff, hit up your local community college instead! Most colleges have a "duplicating services division," where staff and teachers go to photocopy stuff - and photocopy boxes are heavy-duty! Other options are rentable moving boxes, and 'freecycle' websites where you can find other movers looking to dump their boxes for reuse.

* Bonus Hack: Always overestimate the number of boxes you'll need. It's a huge pain to find you need more on moving day. Also, color-coded tape is a great way to stay organized with respect to what's what!

Give Employees Heads Up

One critical mistake first-time office movers make is forgetting to remind employees of the details! Make sure the whole office knows where the new digs are months ahead of time. Send out memos, phone calls, post flyers all over office presentation boards - do whatever it takes to make sure everyone knows. Holding an office conference is a great way to give a heads up and also receive additional moving hacks from employees who may know the drill. Finally, give plenty of notice and plenty of time (like at least two weeks) before moving day for employees to fully clean out their cubicles of everything but the essentials - then have them clean out the essentials on the last work day before the move. You don't want to break any family photographs!

Remove Furniture Down-Up

When it comes to moving an office, starting from the floor is best. Back up the data on all computers, then start off by unplugging lamps, PCs, hard drives, printers, and other office appliances. Unburden the desks by freeing them of mounted monitor arms, CPU holders, adjustable keyboard platforms, and other ergonomic products if any of those things are heavy or in-the-way. While you're down there, take the extra opportunity to untangle coils and wires, and sort them in boxes according to the cubicle/workstation or desk they go with. Next, move to the heavier items like desks, couches, and boardroom furniture. When all the stuff on the floor is cleared out, walls will be easily accessible to remove artwork, shelving, or whatever else remains!

* Bonus Hack: Unless you're letting employees take computers home, have them label all their cubicle equipment (including boxes of cables) with their name, and attach put each cubicle's computer and equipment in it's own box. You may even decide to have the employees pack up their office equipment themselves to save time!

Use Suitcases for Heavy Items

With all the books, paperwork, and files offices tend to acquire, moving boxes can get extremely heavy and painful to move. Rather than packing all these vital documents and books in flimsy boxes though, why not pack them in a suitcase! Generally, suitcases have far more room for packing. Equipped with wheels and a pull-bar, they make the perfect device for transporting heavy books without strain. This is also a great hack for employees to clean out their cubicles - just have them bring suitcases from home to pack their stuff in.
That said, don't forget to clean out file cabinets and storage devices before moving. They're a lot easier to move when empty than when weighed down by hundreds of sheets of paper!

Sell and Upgrade

Free upgrades sound almost too good to be true, but if you're willing to be a little proactive, you may be able to get some great deals on utilities for the new office! Holding a 'company yard sale' and sending out memos to other small local businesses are excellent ways to spread the word about any furniture or office equipment you're looking to sell. Of course, this takes time, so knowing months in advance that you will move soon is helpful. Furniture trade stores, Craigslist, and even recycling agencies can often yield plentiful dividends to invest in newer models. Shopping with search engines, coupons, and clearance deals can help you get the best deals on top office furniture. Calling up a reliable online furniture dealer may even get you bulk discounts and exclusive deals!

Monday, May 4, 2015

The 5 Best Ergonomic Task Chairs for Active Receptionists

Are you a receptionist in need of a good office chair? You're in luck! In today's post we'll be highlighting 5 best selling ergonomic seating solutions that will provide you with the adjustable features and support needed to reach peak performance levels. From the iDesk Oroblanco chair by Cherryman Industries to the Spree mesh chair from Global Total Office, these top notch chairs are a must see!

1.) Oroblanco

Good Receptionist Chair

The iDesk Oroblanco chair by Cherryman Industries is a new release for 2015. These cutting edge ergonomic task chairs combine modern features with a user friendly mechanism that doesn't take a rocket science to master. As many of today's chairs are complicated and hard to figure out, the Oroblanco has simplified the learning curve. Most of it's awesome features can be activated with a single lever! If you're a receptionist looking to sit in style and comfort, the Oroblanco is ready to help your cause in a major way. Priced at just $321.50, the Oroblanco is also an excellent value.

2.) Layover

Ergo Contract Furniture Layover Chair

At first glance you'll notice the modern design characteristics of the Ergo Contract Furniture Layover chair. While visual appeal is certainly important, the Layover also packs a major ergonomic punch! If you're a receptionist that finds yourself sitting for long periods of time, the Layover is a great solution. With a 2 to 1 syncro tilt mechanism, extra thick molded foam seat, and adjustable arms, finding the optimal working position is never more than a few clicks away. The Layover chair is available in 2015 for just $267.99. Choose from a variety of cool mesh back colors to compliment your space.

3.) Ravi

Woodstock Marketing Ravi Chair

If you're a receptionist that's limited by space behind the desk, the Ravi is an excellent chair to consider. This sleek mesh back task chair features a slim profile and excellent ergo attributes. At just $229.00, receptionists on a budget will find the Ravi too good to pass up. Available in a variety of cool seat color options, the Ravi can be used to provide a blast of individual style.

4.) FX2

Eurotech FX2 Open Back Chair

Active receptionists will love the FX2 open back chair from Eurotech Seating! With a trendy look and the ergonomic features to match, the FX2 is the premier option for modern guest welcoming areas. It's hard not to love the segmented cushion design showcased by the FX2. This is one chairs that's sure to earn your personal workspace a ton of positive compliments! The FX2 is available in black and gray fabric upholstery options for just $280.00 in 2015.

5.) Spree

Global Total Office Spree Mesh Chair

Versatile, comfortable, and really cool! The Global Total Office Spree chair has become an instant favorite with industry professionals and shoppers alike. These fully functional task chairs were designed to promote continuous movement in the workplace without restricting upper body movement. The Spree comes standard with adjustable arms and a heavy duty nylon base. Ergonomic features like a curved lumbar area, suspended seat structure, and finger tip controls make this chair an excellent choice for any active receptionist. The Spree can be yours for just $386.99. Seven mesh back color options are available.